Out now: 'Warped Minds', Cinema and Psychopathology. June 27, 2014


Warped Minds
Cinema and Psychopathology
By Temenuga Trifonova

Delving deeply into the representation of paranoia in geopolitical Hollywood films  paranoia (Inception, Salt), multiple personality disorders (the Bourne trilogy, Vanilla Sky, Dragonfly), and the aestheticisation of madness, Warped Minds is a deep exploration of how psychopathologies have been transformed into cultural phenomena in the wake of the transition from an epistemological to an ontological approach.

Trifonova considers several major points in this intellectual history, among them the development of a dynamic model of the self at the fin de siècle and the role of photography and film in the construction of psychopathology. The result is an illuminating investigation on the depiction of madness from early horror films of the 20s and 30s to the proliferation of today's conspiracy thrillers.

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Part of the Film Culture in Transition series.