Gravity Does not Exist - Zwaartekracht bestaat niet: een vraagstuk voor de 21ste eeuw

Vincent Icke’s lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed book that explores key questions in physics and cosmology in the 21st century.

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Combining author/astrophysics professor Vincent Icke’s first-hand knowledge with a robust argument and intellectual playfulness, the Dutch edition of the fascinating book Zwaartekracht bestaat niet: een vraagstuk voor de 21ste eeuw (in English Gravity Does Not Exist) succeeds in making a notoriously difficult subject accessible to all readers interested in a better grasp of our universe.

Every scientific fact was born as an opinion about the unknown - a hypothesis. Opinion gradually becomes fact as evidence piles up to support a theory. But what if there are two theories, each of which has produced a myriad of things that correspond perfectly to the phenomena but can't be combined into one? One theory replaced the mystery of gravity with a precise model of space  and time.  The other theory replaced the mystery of matter with a description of quantum particles.

As we understand our universe, we keep each in its own domain: space and time for very large things, particles for the very small ones. However, 13.8 billion years ago, those two incompatible domains belonged to a single realm. Who in the current or future generations of physicists will crack this seemingly impossible puzzle? This, contends the author, is not just a big question, but the biggest question in physics in our century.

Presentation at the NEMO Science Center

The book will be presented on Tuesday, May 20 at 16.00 at the NEMO Science Center in Amsterdam. Mickey Huigbregsten, the former director of Mckinsey & Company and founder and honorary chairman of the Stichting de Avond van Wetenschap & Maatschappij will receive the first copy. RSVP via

Vincent Icke is professor of theoretical astrophysics at Universiteit Leiden, professor of cosmology at the University of Amsterdam, visual artist, and writer.