Launch 'The Art of Ethics in the Information Society' at the ECP Congress

On Thursday November 17th, the ECP Congress took place in The Hague, the Netherlands. The ECP (Electronic Commerce Platform) has been organising yearly congresses about the diverse developments in the information society since 1998, and has built up a solid image and its own space in the 'Digital Netherlands'. The ECP Congress is an invaluable meeting place and serves as a platform for over 700 visitors from the fields of business, research and government.

This year's theme was: The adult information society: The new normal.

Naturally, this event coincided with the launch of our new title: The Art of Ethics in the Information Society, edited by Liisa Janssens. With this event, Janssens finishes off a project which she and twenty other essayists have worked on for two years. The end product speaks for itself. Beside being 'just a book', The Art of Ethics in the Information Society also functions as a piece of art, designed by graphic designer Bob van Dijk to keep intriguing the reader over and over again. Combining a clever colour scheme and glossy cover, the reader is challenged to view the book, just like its contents, from many different angles. The reader also leaves physical marks (fingerprints) on the glossy cover of the book, reminding them of the traces that they – in the transition of a world to hyperconnection – are leaving behind. Bob van Dijk is a member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale), a worldwide organisation of the most prolific designers. 

The authors ask questions like: 'Will we achieve a perfect memory, and what will be the consequences? (Tanne van Bree), 'Can computers make ethical choices for us?' (Ben van Lier, Jaap van den Herik and Cees de Laat), and 'How will algorithms influence our lives?' (Mireille Hildebrandt, Esther Keymolen and Liisa Janssens). 

After handing out the first copy of the book to Tineke Netelenbos, the book was suitedly photographed with a number of other works of art present at the congress, such as Kill Your Darlings by Jeroen van Loon and portrait-drawing robot 'Paul the Moody' by Patrick Tresset.

The Art of Ethics in the Information Society is now available for sale in our webshop!



ECP 3      ECP 2
Overhandiging aan Tineke Netelenbos               Kill Your Darlings, van Jeroen van Loon          'Paul the Moody', door Patrick Tresset