AUP and Knowledge Unlatched: Pledging period opens for KU Select 2016

Amsterdam University is proud to announce its renewed particiaption in Knowledge Unlatched (KU), the global initiative for Open Access monographs. 'Knowledge Unlatched has grown into an initiative that can help make a larger collection of content available in Open Access. Researchers will discover high quality titles and they will find one of the largest Open Access collections available', says Dr Sven Fund, Managing Director of Knowlege Unlatched.

KU has now launched its newest collection, KU Select 2016, which includes 147 front list titles (published November 2016-April 2017) and 196 back list titles (published between 2005 and 2015).

The following AUP titles are included in the collection: 

KU is now inviting libraries to pledge for the KU Select 2016 Collection to secure access to front and back list Humanities and Social Siences titles. To view the collection and pledge for titles, please visit

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5 september 2016