An innovative approach to Open Access: Amsterdam University Press and Knowledge Unlatched

KnowledgeUnlatched_logoAmsterdam University Press is proud to announce their participation in the recently launched New Knowledge Unlatched Collection.

Amsterdam University Press has a longstanding tradition in Open Access publishing: A fifth of our books have been published in Open Access and six of our journals are published in Open Access, either immediate or delayed. AUP works with a number of different models for Open Access publishing and actively contributed to finding and testing new and effective approaches to Open Access Publishing, including Knowledge Unlatched

"The Knowledge Unlatched model depends on many libraries from around the world sharing the payment of a single Title Fee to a publisher, in return for a book being made available on a Creative Commons licence via OAPEN and HathiTrust as a fully downloadable PDF. The Title Fee represents the basic cost of publishing a book. Because the Title Fee is a fixed amount, as more libraries participate in Knowledge Unlatched, the per-library cost of ‘unlatching’ each title declines. Access to the Title Fee allows publishers to feel confident that they will not make a loss on a title if it is made Open Access. Publishers offer libraries discounts and if another format is also purchased to thank libraries for their support."

After a successfully piloting the Knowledge Unlatched Model in 2014, Round 2 has recently been launched offering 78 books from 26 scholarly publishers.
Four titles from Amsterdam University Press are included, due to be published in early 2016:

  • Humour and Irony in Dutch Post-war Fiction Film by Peter Verstraten
  • The Conscience of Cinema - The works of Joris Ivens 1926-1989 by Thomas Waughn
  • Borderland City in New India - Frontier to Gateway by Duncan McDuie-Ra
  • Visions of the End in Medieval Spain - Catalogue of Illustrated Beatus Commentaries on the Apocalypse and Study of the Geneva Beatus by John Williams, edited by Therese Martin

The full list of titles can be viewed here.

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25 november 2015