The Art of Audit review in The Economist

The Art of Audit (Roel Janssen) was reviewed by The Economist


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Government Auditors: The Wisdom of Watchdogs

"In “The Art of Audit”, Roel Janssen, a veteran Dutch journalist, tells their story through conversations with former top auditors from eight countries. Number-crunching may be number-crunching, but their experiences, and the outfits they run, differ enormously."

"The book shows that, at their best, the watchdogs play a vital role in bolstering public trust in government, particularly in countries that are in political chaos, emerging from dictatorship. Ms Kefi sees Tunisia’s auditor, the Cour des Comptes, as “the guardian of the political process”. Mr Janssen makes the same point a different way: by institutionalising mistrust of public finances, government auditing creates trust in public administration."

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5 july 2015