Late middle ages and early modern times
This volume brings together a group of prominent contributors to consider the topics of government and warfare in Tuscany and Venice in the Renaissance.
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Emergence of a Personal History
This book introduces new methods of research for studying the Alexiad, aiming primarily at analysing Anna Komnene’s literary expression.
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This book analyses the manuscripts of the Cîteaux, copied and illustrated during a period of intense reform at the monastery, that demonstrate the interdependence between art, liturgy, and reform.
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This study uncovers the active role played by women in the evolution of religious art and architecture. Their preferred art, Barbara J. Harris shows, reveals their responses to the religious...
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The Guardian of Orthodoxy
€ 95,00
Narratives of Crime and Mental Illness in Late Medieval France
This book analyses the collaboration between local communities and greater authorities in medieval France which grants us unusual insight into the period’s concept of madness.
€ 95,00
Drawing on a wide array of textual and material primary sources, this book assesses the ways that gender and other categories of difference affect understandings of time.
€ 105,00
A remarkable legacy from the Middle Ages
€ 17,50
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